About to start a juice fast? Welcome.

So you’d like to do a juice fast huh? You’ve hopped on Google and typed in something like ‘how to do a juice fast’ or ‘juice fasting for beginners.’ You’ve come across pages and pages of information; but nothing that actually spells it out for you. What you really want is a one stop website that tells you what juice fasting actually is; where to start, what to do, what to expect, and where to go once the fasting is all over…well hopefully you’ve found it!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am a pretty average weight challenged individual who aspires to cleaner living. The information contained within this site is based on my own experience and research. Much of the information I have found online is simply someone copying information from other websites, where-as I always try to dig deeper, do my own research, and endeavour to provide links to my sources where possible. As you have probably realised yourself, not all health professionals agree, and studies often bring about new and ever changing results. It is hard to keep up, even for the medical professional. Of course, naturally it would be remiss of me if I didn’t advise you to always seek your own medical advise, particularly if dealing with a diagnosed illness.

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