About to start a juice fast? Welcome.

So you’d like to do a juice fast huh? You’ve hopped on Google and typed in something like ‘how to do a juice fast’ or ‘juice fasting for beginners.’ You’ve come across pages and pages of information; but nothing that actually spells it out for you. What you really want is a one stop website that tells you what juice fasting actually is; where to start, what to do, what to expect, and where to go once the fasting is all over…well hopefully you’ve found it!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am a pretty average weight challenged individual who aspires to cleaner living. The information contained within this site is based on my own experience and research. Much of the information I have found online is simply someone copying information from other websites, where-as I always try to dig deeper, do my own research, and endeavour to provide links to my sources where possible. As you have probably realised yourself, not all health professionals agree, and studies often bring about new and ever changing results. It is hard to keep up, even for the medical professional. Of course, naturally it would be remiss of me if I didn’t advise you to always seek your own medical advise, particularly if dealing with a diagnosed illness.

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  1. Marisol

    Need help with juicing advice! I have pcos does this make it worse? I gained 3.5 lbs :(

    1. Sarah Post author

      Hi Marisol,
      Do you mean you gained 3.5lbs while juice fasting? I hope not, that would be very disheartening, though as frustrating as it is weight can jump around a lot in us girls and it’s hard to pin point the cause over a short time frame.

      I can’t really provide any proof of juicing making PCOS better or worse because it depends on what symptoms of PCOS you have and/or are trying to fix. My own experience (and bear in mind that I also have metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance) was that juice fasting had weight loss benefits, though not at the rate others without PCOS have experienced. My cystic acne flared at first then cleared beautifully. My blood sugar levels returned to a perfectly normal level. Then, over a much longer time of juicing as part of a regular diet I have noticed my thinning hair is not thinning so much and seems to be growing at the front where I could see my scalp (I hated that so much). I also sleep much much better and don’t have night sweats. I wish I could say my facial hair has gone away, but alas it is still the same.

      As I am 44 and have a contraceptive implant that prevents me ovulating I can’t say what effects juice fasting or juicing a lot as part of a healthy diet would do to your menstrual cycle. However, I can put you in touch with a lady on my FB support page who has PCOS, juice fasted for 60 days, lost a tonne of weight and found out she was pregnant on the last day of her fast which was awesome. So if pregnancy is your goal there is light at the end of the tunnel, and as you may know even losing a small amount of weight can kick your ovulation into gear.

      Some women with PCOS are also diagnosed with depression, I’m one of them, and it was the motivation for getting into juicing in the first place. I found fasting was very emotional at first, what some refer to as an emotional detox, but once I was through the tough early stages of detox the world started and still does look like a much better place.

      Hope this helps.

      Sarah :)

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